How do you overcome your weaknesses?


How to eliminate your weakness

But wait, there is more! At least according to my mother. When I joined the Big Brothers program in Toronto, I needed three references for me. I chose my mother as one, and she was asked to fill out a questionnaire in which “What is the biggest weakness of the applicant?” His answer, “He is impatient.”

As a young man, I became angry and was prone to a shameful explosion and I am ashamed to say that in the initial years, it continued as editor of ETR.

Every time someone asks me, I have to give a harmful personal entry.

The early rise (ETR) means more to me because of our hundreds of thousands of readers, I am the one whose information, support, knowledge and advice are needed.


Weakness # 1 – Addiction

My father was an alcoholic, and his brother was a drunkard, a drug addict, and a cigarette smoker. Because of addiction, the life of both of them had diminished.

I have no intention of going to that road, but if there are genes for addiction, then I think I should have some addiction, right?

If so, then I’m going to take at least my poison. So I choose information and knowledge, and a craving for hunger to learn.

My weakness # 2 – laziness

My next greatest weakness is that I am lazy. I’ll do almost anything to avoid manual labour. I am also mechanically disabled, which does not help. It is not something that I am proud of, but I realized in my life that if I wanted to succeed, I had to find a way to run this weakness in my career on the basis of the labour of my mind.

That’s why I have worked for 18 years to create a business that earns money in selling my knowledge, not my labour. I changed my weakness to strength and when I wanted, I prepared a lifestyle based on the work.

My weakness # 3 – No technical skills

I can barely find out how to use iTunes, download files, or make webinars. And I do not know how to create a website or how to connect my sales pages to a digital shopping cart system.

While some see it as a weakness, I see it as a force.

You see, money is not made through technical knowledge. You can rent it Cheaper too. So outsource the simple solution of this weakness.

If you are interested in changing your position in life …

And want to start an online business but do not know where to start from, I’ll show you how to make your big idea, write great sales copy, create the right product, and create incredible offers. We will spend this day together in Miami, my friend will work with Bedros Keuilian and 8 other gurus, to do all this.

The Human Condition

But feeling weak is part of the human condition. When God created Adam and Eve, he did not put his body in the form of bronze or precious metal. Instead, they chose to use the day that we tamper every day. The dirt we wash with ourselves is that which we are.

And not that you think that you were given a small end of the rod, God had worn himself in the dirt of the earth to live among us.

We measure our weaknesses
You see, we all have areas of weakness. Nobody can achieve excellence in every sphere of life. Artist is not an accountant and the architect does not have a surf shop. And yet, there is a fully prepared set of personality traits and powers to fulfil each calling of each of these people.

Do we mistake brain surgeon to be oriented in detail and missing on more peripheral emotional aspects of life? No! And, of course, not that he is your brain surgeon.

What is weak?

As a Christine, there is no doubt that you have heard the truth that our weakness is his power (2 Corinthians 12:10) shared with the pulp. God chose the foolish things of the world to dissolve the wise (1 Corinthians 1:27). This is part of their plan. Even Christ has the lack of Hollywood flair that we display on the big screen (Isaiah 53: 2).

Our relationship with our weaknesses and about the glory of God.

Look at it like this: I like to be strong One of my greatest inspirators to lift the load is showing me the weight on the bench.

But, there are things in life that I am not strong enough to do just that. Take the pickle for example. I can spend an hour using every single contraction to open that thing. I could tap the lid with the lid and by the time I did not empty the tank, it went under hot water, while my husband was sitting 20 feet away in another room.

Gathering your powers
Are you coming around Are you starting to see the fact that you can not complete your daily to-do list because nothing is so bad? If not, then okay, we are not doing enough here.

Take a few moments to assess your strengths. I know it is not always easy, but it is an essential part of this process. To help you get it out, answer the following questions:

  • You receive a call from your church again for help. What are they saying to you?
  • In school or work (now or in the past), the project or task you were assigned often?
  • You are volunteering for the upcoming festival at your child’s school. What do you want to do in planning and/or hosting?

Based on the answers above, do you think your strengths are? If you are still stuck, ask an assistant friend or family member for insights.

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