How long does a dislocated finger take to heal?

Dislocated Finger

What is a decomposed finger?

A decomposed finger is a medical term when the ligaments of the finger (Folge) have been injured or thrown to such an extent that both the connecting bones have been disintegrated and they should no longer be aligned. The hand itself is made up of 3 sections of different bones. On the basis of hand, 8 bones make wrists, these bones are known as carpal bones, which form two rows of four cube-like bones, which are clear with radius and ulna bones on one side and are obviously on the other side. Metacarpal with bones The next section is the middle arm which contains 5 long metacarpal bones.

Dislocated Finger

Each finger has three pairs. There are two pairs of thumb. These additions allow our fingers to be folded and straightened. When any two bones are jointly thrown out of place, such as the injury or fall of a painful game, the finger becomes decomposed.

Symptoms of a Displacement Finger
A decomposed finger is usually clear. The finger looks crooked, swollen and is very painful. It can be bent over the upper or odd angles. If you get disintegrated, you probably will not be able to flex or straighten the finger. other than this:

Foolness or inclination with a serious displacement
The injured finger may appear a yellow color.
Displacement can cause a break in the skin where the injury has occurred. If this happens then you should immediately give medical attention.
When to take medical care for a displacement finger
When you have a displacement finger, you should see the doctor once. The late treatment can be more difficult by delaying your doctor’s visit to a finger displacement and there may be delayed treatment or permanent inefficiency.

Your Care Instruction
When the bones of a finger are taken out of their normal condition, then it is called a broken finger. This can happen when a finger bends or jumps backward. It is common during the game. A doctor can put your finger back in its normal condition.

Your doctor will suspect that if it looks distorted then your finger is removed. In some cases, your doctor may order a finger X-ray to look for a fracture. When a finger bone is pulled away from the connected tendon, it is common to separate the bone fragment from the main bone and stay with the tendon, an absorption is known as the fracture.

Many decomposed fingers are caused by sports injuries, especially a ball, such as sports with soccer, basketball, and volleyball. Falls and accidents are other major reasons.

A crushing blow on one finger, like closing a door on your finger, can cause bones to separate from the joint.

Some people are born with weak ligaments. There are ligament tissues that jointly combine bones and provide structural support.

When you put your hand to break down, a broken finger may also happen. Effects from the fall can push your fingers out of the normal range of motion and their joints out.


Although finger disruption contacts are injuries that can not often be avoided, you can take steps to reduce your risk of displacement. If you play contact games like football, hockey or lacrosse, make sure you wear padding that protects your hands and fingers. Never use old, worn pads that have lost their rigors. Maintaining strength and coordination of hands and finger can also help prevent some finger injuries. Ask your physical therapist for a specific program of exercise.

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